Mortgage regulations

First of all understand what is a real estate mortgage, real estate mortgage is a mortgage with his legal possession of the property is not transferred to the mortgagee to provide debt guarantees.
real estate mortgage characteristics: (1) real estate mortgage is a security interest. Security interests is to ensure that the debt for the purpose, in particular debtor or a third person or set a property on the right. Is a fundamental difference between mortgage and housing usufruct of real estate, the housing usufruct is a usufructuary right. (2) real estate mortgage is a mortgage debt in the form of intention is not transferred possession a form of guarantee of performance. Do not transfer possession, allows the mortgagor to continue to occupy, use the premises and make life or business is not affected. (3) real estate mortgage is a mortgage. The subject-matter of mortgage can be real estate, can be machinery, equipment or means of transport. Due to the real estate immovable property, so collateral, mortgage of real estate is the most suitable for homes. (4) right to housing is a form of security, as well as a means of financing. As real estate development, management and occupation of funds needed to purchase a large, capital facility will become an important factor in the housing market. Therefore, in the field of real estate, to a large extent, real estate mortgage is widely used as a means of financing development and sales.
remind the mortgagor no fault to the value of the mortgaged, mortgagee only the mortgagor to get compensation for damage within the scope of the requirement to provide security. Not reduced by the value of the mortgaged real estate section, as security for a debt.