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Financial innovation and rural housing mortgage loan

It is understood that since last year, the Hefei focusing on supporting "three agricultural" development in innovative financial, financial products, financial services, work hard, focus on resolving existing in current rural financing, guarantees, weak financial services, financial shortage, the poor credit environment problems and achieved initial success.
in June this year, Hefei in the province took the lead in the establishment of village-level finance guarantee fund, designed to guarantee the household micro-finance services. Fund guarantees to the villager's personal loan amount, credit rating and capital combined approach identified. Villagers credit a year according to credit increase or decrease single loan amount up to 100,000 yuan. Guanzhuang village existing villagers, 500 households, and 92 families participated in the financing guarantee fund at the village level, the Fund size of 2.03 million Yuan, has issued loan guarantees 81 6.06 million Yuan.
to simplify lending procedures, reducing the threshold for loans, Hefei to credit unions as the main body, in accordance with the "documentation, prior to a rating, then credit" ideas in the County to start credit archives and credit ratings, build rural credit projects for village financing guarantee fund, promotion of new rural housing loan Foundation.
production funds for farmers to get rich through entrepreneurship and development issues, housing is completed, Takahashi has launched the rural housing mortgage loans of rural credit cooperatives. This is combined with the introduction of the innovation of new rural community construction of Hefei rural financial products--new countryside construction of personal housing mortgage loan. In the new community, rural credit cooperatives to take Takahashi 5 warranty, provides loan of 50,000 yuan for each household for housing construction.
at present, the County's credit rating farmers 50387, County farmers account for 100%. According to the farmers ' credit rating to determine loan credit. Rating by "one household, one" principle to family income, assets, family members of families, the village (neighborhood) evaluation, credit scores, credit ratings for content. BACK PAGE