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Unsecured credit guarantees really that convenient?

It is understood that "unsecured, secured" personal loans only for specific groups, and additional management fees and other charges. Consumers want to apply for this loan, still faced barriers.
is "no mortgage-free guarantee", but personal consumer credit also need to meet a number of conditions. The Bank's loan Department staff, whether to grant a loan and the loan amount must be considered the customer's credit, certificate of proof of repayment ability, level of education, qualification or even titles.
"If the applicant is not a State-owned enterprise or institution workers, teachers, doctors, Fortune 500 corporate employees, basically applied, applied for loans but also to. "Bank insiders told reporters, loans not only to the express request of the customer class, but also the applicant proof of residence or premises in Beijing. "Prove your permanent residence in Beijing, banks are not afraid of you. "Personal loans from
currently on the market, in addition to some banks set" high threshold of the loan ", the identity requirements of the part of the Bank loans despite low number, but also hidden" trick ".
such as the unsecured loans to another bank, as long as the borrower's personal credit have a clean record, meet the conditions of a monthly income of more than 3000, you can apply for. At first glance, for simplicity, lenders can't help but be excited.
"real understanding, most applicants have chickened out. "Bankers, lending" high threshold "compared to" no threshold "loan rates not only much higher, but it will also have an additional account management fees, use fees, such as fees. "In summary is to charge higher fees, carry holding the sink. ” BACK PAGE