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Cold engaged in loans of housing mortgage loan holding

  Used to be personal loan operations mortgage banking business in China, especially the "personal housing mortgage loan" is slowly withdrawing from an important component of Bank profits.
a lot of banks are no longer competing for this business as key. Even though there are some real estate as collateral for loans are short-term small business loans. But it is clear that both loan rates far.
more banks will be time and energy into personal business loans, because of its much higher yields than mortgages, it is understood that Minsheng Chairman Dong wenbiao has also established a "check out into the small micro loans" strategy.
in fact, opened as the era of marketization of interest rate, banks are to examine and adjust their business structure, the pursuit of expanding higher return and higher-yielding business, loan restructuring is an inevitable option, decline in the status of mortgages. And this tight real estate regulatory policy for two years, just became the turning point in the change, depressed property market turnover is made especially obvious decline in mortgage.
excessive development of real estate industry bubble, entered a long phase of adjustment is inevitable. "From mortgages to the Bank's profits and the future growth of its business, mortgages are at dusk.
Minsheng bank check out into the small micro loans starting from 2009, they decrease more than than, but the balance has also been declining in absolute terms. By the end of June 2012, Minsheng Bank 77 billion of mortgages as a percentage of its entire loan balance is only 5.9%, the highest proportion was in 2007, had reached 16.1%.
in retail assets business, mortgage loans to more than 70% than usual, single business was significantly higher. High retail income depends on the mortgage, even if will not go wrong at this stage, but continuity and stability are to be put to the test in the future. "
at present, most of the retail business structure is not diversified enough, not enough balance. Seen from the latest figures, China Merchants Bank has begun adjusting its credit structure of the retail business. As of the first half of 2012, China Merchants Bank personal loans home loans for 54.17%, earlier dropped by 2.49%. BACK PAGE