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How to do correct and rational look at the insurance industry?

Recently, lang, a noted economist in the eyes of financial francs program talking about the present situation of China's insurance industry, lang said not only China's insurance industry is a lucrative industry, and concluded that the claim that insurance is similar to a pyramid scheme. Professor lang's comments, dissatisfaction and criticism by the number of insurance agents. However Professor lang has been to his sharp rhetoric and said one or, more controversially, to be exact. Professor
people joke lang words "offend at least 3 million insurance agents." Subsequently, the famous financial expert Liu Yanbin for several days in a posting on Twitter, for the insurance industry name, Twitter, he said: "the insurance industry is not a lucrative industry, insurance is not a pyramid scheme. Insurance is a necessity of life, that everyone needs. "
according to understand, lang Professor in program cited has a insurance similar MLM of example: a home in the funding company, enrollment has a full no experience of salesman, he of Commission is one months 880 Yuan words, he of Shang level competent can points have 2045 Yuan, if find a performance excellent salesman, if each months earned 4000 Yuan, he of online can earned to 5340 Yuan, again online can earned 16860 Yuan......
lang salt flat in program in the" insurance is make MLM "of speech, a stone provoked thousand layer waves, Heated discussions of the members of the insurance industry. As everyone buy insurance, author, Liu Yanbin, President of East China immediately issued nearly hundreds of Tweets, for insurance name.
support for lang to insurance consumers, especially the insurance consumers being misled by sales, also the Netizen from the perspective of insurance loss ratios supports lang, as xuchuang520 said: "the 2011 primary insurance premium income of China's insurance 1.4339 trillion yuan, original 392.9 billion yuan of insurance expenditure, operational and management costs, 188.2 billion yuan. Survey data for the past 14 years, almost all 30% the following rates of pay, it's not profiteering is what? "
support Liu Yanbin views to members of the insurance industry, emphasized the need for insurance products. For lang, the examples also questions the users: "you research which insurance company? If really of has competent with subordinate Commission royalty so high of a insurance company, I immediately job...... "
in professional people seems, two a people of some industry focus different, lang Professor main is from insurance of not due sales and currently pyramid type of Commission structure to denied insurance of, and Liu Yinbin more is from insurance products itself of guarantees function starting obtained of conclusion. Pragmatic says there on the insurance industry there is a certain prejudice in our society. However, the insurance industry's need to reflect, insurance marketing system is in urgent need of reform. BACK PAGE