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What considerations to small and micro enterprises to apply for bank loans

In his capacity as small and micro business owners seeking financing from the Bank loan, and what to consider? Professional degree, approval, and supervision? Recently, in order to experience financial and banking services, including internal review of small business financing process improvement, customer service staff of the professional standards, accepting an application for business efficiency and processes such as mortgage, loans and insurance, mortgage company sent a special investigation in Hefei. Interested in Bank "borrows" micro-entrepreneurs, this visit can be described as profitable.
after the express funding needs, said Societe Generale financial account manager, had a client King was an individual entrepreneur, opened a maintenance services company, and medical equipment. She recently had a certain amount of financing needed, expert understanding of small business loans from a Bank and approval of the processes, is the focus of her mission. Societe Generale Bank
dazzle her various types of loans for small and micro businesses, and guaranteed loan 100% mortgage rates, real estate assessment value loans, quick loans, credit enhancement, integral loan, "Sesame" bloom corporate credit products such as small business growth plans. Societe Generale Bank Shenzhen branch served her corporate finance account manager. According to her, currently popular small business welcome the swift credit business, due to the approval of the permissions in the branch, rapidly is the most prominent feature of the loan not exceeding a total of 5 million. Secured mainly consider fixed assets, especially real estate, mortgage rates can be as high as 80%. Societe Generale's advantage is the discount mortgage rate is high, material is relatively simple, there is organization code, tax certificate, business license and operating conditions, the financial statements. After review by the, usually about a month can get loans.
after a simple Exchange found that Wang's company opened, smaller than the small and micro enterprises. Her main objective of the loan is to purchase some expensive medical device, like a CT meter. But as a newly opened business loan route is not recommended, do credit faster than more appropriate.
many customers think there is sufficient collateral can, in fact, security is behind the link. Account manager further explained that the banks what to study? First, followed by the operation, which through the water at a glance. Then is the industry's position, as well as specific projects or project. The ultimate aim of these visits is to assess repayment ability and sources of small and micro enterprises. If the company opened a loan to buy equipment, even if there are 10 properties as collateral, it's hard to credit. In general want to do loans were not so easy. BACK PAGE