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Provident Fund loan purchase for employees reduce stress

Crazy price rises in previous years, stimulate developer blind expansion, accelerate changes in supply and demand in the real estate market, a direct result of this year's downturn in the property market, therefore, the Government has repeatedly stressed the need to strengthen market regulation. After following the Central Bank's recent interest rate cut in a row, more than five-year personal housing accumulation Fund loan interest rates down again, in view of this. Our country claims to "rescue" blueprint. This substantial rate cut, insofar as housing is concerned, the current real estate industry has a greater catalytic role.
it is reported that the interest rates on real estate development enterprises financing costs will have a positive effect, loans easier, reduced interest expenses, reduce the cost of developer loans, real estate debt pressure is reduced significantly, thereby reducing the financial costs of the enterprise. Meanwhile, cut interest rates four times this year, to some extent, increase the purchasing power of buyers, stimulate consumer desire to purchase, relieving part of consumer sentiment and help the property market to restart.
strength of the rate cut, consumer's purchase cost can be greatly reduced, thus stimulating the cash, or the rigid demand of the people, entering the property market. Purchase Fund, housing fund loans with a loan period of 20 years, the amount of RMB 200,000, for example, using an equivalent method of principal and interest payments, cut interest rates before 4.59%, monthly payments of 1275.04 Yuan, total interest payments of 106009.6 Yuan.
according to funds using rate and housing to, on loan lines, and loan term, and loan proportion and the borrowing people age limit, policy timely for has adjustment: application handle Provident Fund personal purchase loan, its Provident Fund of continuous deposit time by original of continuous deposit 2 years above shortened for continuous deposit full 1 years above, loan lines by highest 50,000 yuan limit adjustment for prices of 60% or 70%, also loan term by not over five years extended to statutory retired age, currently and to retired Hou 5 years yiqian.
with the rapid development of the market economy, property prices were soaring, in order to reduce the pressure of Trade Union funds required to purchase, so that more workers get Provident Fund support, timely adjustment lending policy, reducing the threshold for loans. Meanwhile, actively expand funding channels to promote housing loans. BACK PAGE